Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Testimony of God's Faithfulness

Edited to add:

That very day, in God's providence, a lady was visiting Covenant Life for the first time in several years, having felt compelled to come that morning. After the service, she came forward sobbing. This lady shared that she had been a daycare provider for the Herberts' children while they were enslaved to drugs, but never knew how the story ended. When she saw Tom and Michelle, and heard this testimony from these two transformed believers about to be baptized, she was undone. In Tom Herbert's words, "[this lady had] suffered at Michelle's hands when Michelle violently kidnapped one of our children from her after we had lost custody of them. This is the first time Michelle and her have talked since that dreadful day. Michelle was undone at God's hand in presenting an opportunity to repent and ask forgiveness of her." How kind of our sovereign God to bring this lady here on that very day, and to remind us all of His inscrutable ways and undeserved mercy.


Teana said...

Wow! Loved it!

John said...

Teana, go check out Josh Harris' blog where we found this. There's even more to the story.