Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Mexico Mission Trip, part 1

Over at In all things...Christ Preeminent, Aaron's wife, Rachel, is keeping us up to date on the trip. Aaron is one of the men from St Louis, that John and Charlie met up with in Texas before heading over the border.

I'm sure I'll be posting some pictures once the guys comes back, but until then, the only communication I've received from John is a cryptic fuzzy phone call last night, letting me know they made it and are okay.

Thanks Rachel!

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Barbaranne said...

Just checking in after a few days of not reading your blog and I find that we have yet another thing in common. My husband is on a missions trip in Haiti- and he too has gone dark! Once they return to the main island we'll be able to reach him, and he gets home Tuesday.

Loved the Supralapsarian song!

Praying you don't have to implement "plan B".