Monday, March 31, 2008

Watch out for the Target dollar bin

Imagine this....Mommy and Gramma are out with the boys at Target. Gramma wants to get a little something for her four grandsons. She looks through the dollar bins at Target and sees this:

Harmless looking enough...or so we thought.

My boys each had their own color. They were so excited to hold their package...and they each checked out all by themselves.

The thank-you's to Gramma were overwhelming on the ride home. Gideon was so impatient to get into the package that he kept screaming "Hurry up! Hurry...quickly!"

We got home and the boys each had fun playing with their dinosaur. It lit up and blinked on and off in different colors.

Gramma was so happy that she was able to bring such joy to her grandsons.

Until one of the dinosaurs popped and began to leak fluid. Gideon was distraught. We figured we would just give Jamison's to Gideon. He would never know.

I quickly got the unopened dinosaur from the van. As I walked up the stairs, I read the back...this is what it said:

Now the question I get the leaking hazardous waste of a dinosaur out of the garbage and deliver it to a hazardous waste plant? Do I just let it continue leaking poison into my trash bag? Will I get arrested for not following the rules on the package that clearly tell how to dispose of it?

The hardest part was collecting said hazardous waste from the boys and explain to them why we were getting rid of them.

Poor Gideon:

He definitely took it the worst.

Gramma has promised to take them back to Target and get a new non-toxic dinosaur for them to play with.

I just hope that the fluid that leaked out onto Gideon's hand doesn't have any long term affects.

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Bob said...

I know your post is outdated, but I came across it in a google search and just had to respond. The warning on your package was just the manufacturer covering their butts for the battery disposal. Most likely your little toy dinosaurs had watch batteries in them (that even if you wanted to replace them are highly overpriced). Well watch batteries contain Mercury and that is what your warning was about. The fluid inside the Dinosaur was not what the warning was about. The toxic disposing instructions are a result of the battery and it's Mercury content. No battery should be thrown in the trash for this exact reason. Their are dedicated locations to get rid of alkaline batteries and the such. Just my two cents in case someone else comes across this blog and gets confused.