Friday, March 28, 2008


Robert E. Lee to his wife, October 26, 1862 concerning the death of his beloved daughter, Annie:

“I cannot express the anguish I feel at the death of our sweet Annie.
To know that I shall never see her again on earth, that her place in
our circle, which I always hoped one day to enjoy, is forever vacant,
is agonising in the extreme. But God in this, as in all things, has
mingled mercy with the blow, in selecting that one best prepared to
leave us. May you be able to join me in saying ‘His will be done!’
…I know how much you will grieve and how much she will be mourned.
I wish I could give you any comfort, but beyond our hope in the great
mercy of God, and the belief that he takes her at the time and place
when it is best for her to go, there is none. May that same mercy
be extended to us all, and may we be prepared for His summons.”

I read this quote and thought it worth sharing.

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