Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Facing the Giants

John and I saw this clip and thought that the movie would be something that might be worth watching:

Well, we watched it last night. There were good points and there were low points.

Here is the problem we had with it...Within a few days, a revival on school grounds took place. The football team that had been 0-3 up until that point, began winning games. They were careful to say that 'God gets the praise if we win, and God gets the praise if we lose'. I have no problem with that...but for the rest of the movie, only good things happened.

Here are a few examples:
Spoiler Alert!
*The football team won the rest of their games and made it to state and won that too.
*The coach was given a new truck because of the effect he had on his team and the school.
*The coach and his wife were infertile for years, and all of a sudden were pregnant...and ended up with two children.
*At the end, they show two trophies from states...looks like the team kept on winning through the next season.

They continued to say that even in disappointments, God would get the glory. There was a repeated use of Scripture "With God, all things are possible". It didn't take long for the movie to sound like the health and wealth gospel. At the beginning, faith was weak...and when faith was strengthened, good things started happening...and just never stopped.

The overall message was good, but in all reality, there were some dangerous undertones that kinda turned us off. There is no such thing as 'if you think positively then good things will happen to you', yet that seemed to be the central theme.

Oh, and the acting and script left much to be desired. The best scene in this movie is the one in this post. Save yourself an hour and a half and watch the 6 minute clip.


Kyle said...

we agree completely. that's the EXACT same clip that had me thinking I'd LOVE that movie and while you're right, the overall jist of the movie was good, it made me crazy.

Kyle said...

that was from megs...not kyle. ;)