Saturday, April 26, 2008

Winners of my Giveaway!

Thank you for all who participated!

The winner Treasuring God in Our Traditions is Kristy! Here's what she said:

My favorite non-fiction author is Martha Peace. I love the fact that she doesn't mix words. She tells it just like the Scripture says it without watering it down.

The winner of The Roots of Endurance by John Piper is DidiLyn at Meyers on the Hood! Here's what she said:

Oh, I would love these books. My favorite non-fiction author is Charles Spurgeon. He reminds us of the basics of the faith with passion, and cuts to the heart of the matter.

The winner of The Mortification of Sin by John Owen is Eddie at Heavy Poetry! Here's what he said:

My favorite author is hands down, without-a-doubt, John Piper. For a few reasons. (1)He has done more for me than any other author in helping me understand that God HIMSELF IS The Gospel. He taught me that I can be an idoloter by prefering the gifts above the Giver. Now, the goal of my faith is no longer merely heaven, reunion with deceased loved ones, and the end of pain and suffering, but he has taught me to cherish Jesus Christ specifically. No one else in all evangelicalism has even come close to explaining that reality to me.
(2)He is my favorite author because he has taught me to "Dont waste your life" He taught me that I don't have to be handsome, smart, rich, strong, or priviledged in order for me to make my life count for eternity.
(3)He has given me an unshakable theology on Suffering and the Sovereignty of God, so that when/if that season comes, hopefully and prayerfully, by God's grace, I will be ready (and also sustained through it because he has helped teach me that when Christ is valued above all things as my supreme treasure, that "dying is gain").
(4)He is the modern day equivalent of Jonathan Edwards and has done more for the awakening of religious affections in my heart than anyone I know. Piper is not just academic and intellectual, but he heart and passion... he is "light & heat".
And lastly, (5) He taught me that the best way to fight sin, is to fight sin with a superior pleasure... namely, Christ Himself. I thank God for "Battling Unbelief"

These are just a few of my reasons!But I will keep it short, LOL!

Congratulations to the winners!


Anonymous said...


It turns out you are a winner yourself : )

You won at the give away hosted at Farm Home Life. I just sent you an email to the gmail account listed in your profile with instructions. I'm posting a comment here because I'm not sure how often you get a chance to check email.



johnMark said...

It had to be rigged!