Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sweet sentimentality

Did I mention that we are having a GIRL??

After four rowdy little boys...we have been given the blessing of a soft-spoken delicate little girl? (Well, if she's anything like me, she'll be soft-spoken and delicate, lol)

Last weekend, as I flipped through the channels, I saw that Father of the Bride parts 1&2 was on.

I stopped the flipping and began watching.

It took all of about 15 seconds for George (Steve Martin's character) to begin talking about being the father of the bride. Which really shouldn't surprise you...I mean, come on, look at the title of the movie!

John quickly told me to change the channel.

Why, you might ask???

Because he was starting to get weepy, thinking that one day, he has the privilege to be that father of the bride. (If she doesn't elope or something crazy like we did!)

When the second movie began...he still wanted me to change the channel. Just seeing the dad play basketball with his little girl, was about to put him into a sea of sobs.

I found it incredibly sweet, and it made my heart grow just a little bit bigger for this sentimental man that I love.

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CanCan said...

I only have 2 boys so far, and I can't imagine having a sweet baby girl. Maybe one day!