Monday, August 11, 2008

40+ week appt

I had an ultrasound this morning to check the fluid, the movement, and the baby's weight.

She is most definitely a SHE...and I've got the 3D picture to prove it!

I saw her practicing breathing, her hands and feet...among other things :) Fluid checked out great and movement was what they expect at this point.

Her estimated weight (which is usually a higher estimate than it really is) was 9 pounds 1 ounce. Eek! She should be at least 8 pounds, so that I can handle! Dr said that the baby probably isn't quite a nine pounder, but by no means will she be a small baby.

He asked me how long I wanted to be pregnant for...and I told him that I really didn't want to be induced and wanted to go into labor on my matter how uncomfortable I am. He agrees and says we can talk about it if I make it to my next appt.

He checked me, and my cervix has really thinned out, and I am now at 2cm. It's nice to know that something is going on...and I really doubt I'll make it to my next appt.

John will be blogging for me, when I am in labor...which if it is anything like my past labors....will be short and intense.

Keep those labor thoughts coming!


Thia said...

Huzzah! Good news!

angela said...

sending you cervix thinning thoughts. =)

Melanie said...

I've been checking your blog to see if there has been any news...

I've called you and left a message a couple of days ago...I finally told Patrick to call John (last night) to see if there was any news.

Anyway, I hope that Payson comes SOOOOON!