Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We are home!

I always feel like I'm somehow taking advantage of the nurses by having them wait on me after I have a child. I'm always anxious to get home! (Plus, the food there really isn't all that great.)

Here's the lowdown on Paysie's birth....

I was nervous about being induced. I was so afraid that it would create a long drawn out labor. I had already made the decision (like I have three times before) to not get any pain medication...the unknown was worrying me. Little did I know, I had nothing to worry about!

We arrived at the hospital at 10pm. The nurses came in around 11:30 to fill out paperwork and get me prepped. I changed into my beautiful hospital gown, and around midnight, I got my IV.

They started me on a really low pitocin drip. Nothing really started happening, and I slept most of the early morning hours away.

Around 5:30am, one of the nurses came in and checked me to see if anything had changed. NOPE! Still at 2cm. She doubled the pitocin.

At 6am, I started having some contractions, but I was still able to sleep through them, so they weren't regular or strong yet.

At 6:30am, she doubled it again. At this point, they picked up and were getting fairly regular, even though the intensity wasn't there yet. Slowly but surely, the intensity began to grow.

My Dr stuck his head in the room at 8:00am to see I was doing...I don't think he realized how quickly he would have to make his return.

By 9am I had to concentrate. The contractions were coming about every minute and a half and my breathing was noticeably deeper each time a new one started. John was great at holding my hand and talking me through the contractions.

At this point, they still hadn't checked me since 5:30am. I could tell they started to really do something, and I was getting a little worried that I had no idea how far along I was!

9:35am...the contractions drastically CHANGED! I started to feel pressure and had John call a nurse. I laid there, unable to push the nurses call button on my own. I had no energy to tell John where it was. Instead, I just kept repeating myself...GET A NURSE! GET A NURSE!

He ran into the hallway and the nurse quickly put on gloves and checked me.

I was at 4cm and the baby was moving down...fast!

John reminded her that when I hit 5cms, things just seem to happen QUICKLY! She began to get things ready.

I wasn't panicking, but in the midst of my constant contractions, I was getting worried. There was no bassinet in the room. I hadn't seen my Dr in a few hours. It was still just John and I, alone in the room...and I could feel that with each long, intense contraction....I was getting closer and closer to delivery.

I was getting so hot, I asked John to get me a cold face cloth for my forehead. He ran across the room to find one, as I laid there mumbling that if he couldn't find one to just get a nurse...but that I needed that facecloth!

At 9:45, I felt a POP! My water broke! I told John...GET A NURSE NOW!!! MY WATER BROKE! He ran down the hall...nurses came running. They checked me, and I was at 8cm. I knew that on the next contraction, I would NEED to push!

It's amazing how quickly nurses can get a room ready for delivery. I've seen this scurrying before...the LAST time I gave birth. You would think they would believe me by now, when I say I have fast labors!

I laid there moaning, repeating my mantra...I need to push now, I need to push now.

But the Dr wasn't there yet! They kept telling me to breathe...all while they are pulling the bed apart, still getting the necessary equipment in there for delivery!

In comes my Dr...out of breath. He had to literally run across the parking lot directly to my room. He suited up as I began pushing. He had his intern with him...and I allowed 2 Dr's who are on an OB rotation to sit in on the birth too.

I pushed once....felt the baby coming...and they told me to slow down.

One more push...the head is out....they told me to stop pushing and to control the urge to get her out.

That seemed like forever...one more slow, controlled push and out came the shoulders and the rest of my little girl.

She was already pink and crying. The pain relief was so immediate and satisfying...the time was 10:07am.

As soon as they did a quick once over and made sure she was okay...they swaddled her up and gave her to me to nurse. She latched on immediately, and she hasn't stopped since!

My recovery is going great...I had no tearing or delivery problems, so I feel better than I have in months!

Paysie weighed in at 8lbs3oz and 20 inches long. When they weighed her this morning, she had only lost 2 ounces...which is great! She loves to nurse and loves to poop...the best of both worlds!

I want to thank you all for your prayers...they were definitely felt :)

My boys came to meet her yesterday and were just beside themselves. They kept saying how cute she is and how they can't wait to have her at home.

Here I sit, mother of five...and can scarcely believe it! My house is filled with children, and I can't imagine my life any other way...my cup is definitely overflowing!


Teana said...

...tears in my eyes...
What a beautiful baby and an amazing story. Next time, pull the bassinette in the room with you when you're admitted, and have John break the bed down at 5cm's. You do go fast. I love you. I probably won't get to see you for a few days (I'm working nights), but I'm praying for you and your precious family.

Stephanie said...


Stephanie said...

You're a great story teller. I was literally holding my breath until the head was out! Congratulations...she's beautiful!

megan said...

oh my. oh my. oh my.
hard to believe I'm going to have my own "birthing story" in a few months. makes me a little nauseated...I'm not gonna lie. ;)
you are one strong mama-I'm pretty sure I'll be begging for the hard stuff when the tough ones hit. haha.
what a beautiful family. kiss her face for me.
welcome to world sweet payson...

Twisted Cinderella said...

She is beautiful! Congrats!

Melanie said...

The boys look so happy with their new sister. I'm glad to hear that the birth went well, despite some *minor* fear that you'd push the baby out with no doctor present.

I'm hoping to stop by soon. I'll give you a call...