Friday, August 15, 2008

A conversation

The other morning at Walmart, we parked next to an ambulance. The kids were interested in it and this is the conversation that took place as we walked into the store...

Nolan: "Gideon, when I have my own ambulance company and you break your neck or your leg, you can call me, and I will come and get you."

Gideon: "Okay, Nolan."

[Gideon then pretends he has a broken leg and picks up an invisible telephone]

Gideon: "Hello...Nolan? I have a broken leg, can you come and get me?"

Nolan [shaking his head]: "Gideon, you can't call me right now, I don't have an ambulance company yet!"


Twisted Cinderella said...

LOL that is too cute!!

Lindsay said...

what imagination!thats great

Cheryl said...

Well tell Nolan to get the ambulance company up and running because "Mommy" may soon need it!

Cheryl said...
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