Friday, August 29, 2008

The first bath, the first dress

Okay, so it was only a sponge bath. I had been waiting as long as I could to give her a bath. My girl never spits up and it's never good to give a new baby too many baths. I don't want her to dry out! This was a few days ago. And let me say...Gideon is so in love with his sister, and he was such a helper! I can already tell that there is going to be a very special bond between Paysie and her big brother :)

Her cord still has yet to fall off...I don't think her brother's ever took this long. She came into this world being stubborn...why would this be any different?

Here she is before:


and after:

Paysie also wanted to share with you all how cute she looks today in her little patchwork capris. I don't think I will ever get tired of pink!

And the dress...I wanted to see how it would fit on her. She wasn't really in the mood for a fashion show, but being a girl is never painless, right? I held off putting her in a dress because they were just too big. I don't have that much for her at her current size...but I just couldn't resist. I'm thinking she'll be wearing this on Sunday to church :)

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Thia said...

Beautiful. I had to do the sponge bath thing the other day. I had never done it with my previous two, but there was a mess calling for one! And in the end she smelled so good again, everyone kept leaning over just to smell her, lol.
Love the fashion show!