Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Holy Folks

The kids and I went walking around a local strip mall this morning, and we always stop in this little local toy store called Bear & Friends. The kids love going in there, playing with their trains and puppets. It's a neat little store!

This was the first time I came across Holy Folks. There was only one random Jesus sitting on a shelf, halo and all.

"Always Faithful, Always Smiling, Play and Pray with us!"

I was turned off by the whole thing. It feels like there is some definite reverence lost, and I know that I would not want my kids playing with a Jesus doll. I can only imagine the role playing that would happen between Jesus and Spiderman, and that in itself is enough for me to pass this toy by!


Anonymous said...

I don't see anything wrong with it, but that is just my opinion :)

Teana said...

You crack me up! Maybe Spiderman would get saved.

John said...

What do you mean Teana? I thought Spiderman was saved! It's the incredible hulk who we need to get this Jesus doll to hang out with. That guy has some real anger issues.