Thursday, August 7, 2008

One day left

Every morning, my Gideon wakes up announcing how many days until Payson arrives. You see, they check my blog daily to see the number go down.

Today, he excitedly announced there was one day left and that tomorrow they get to come visit me in the hospital and go to the big playground at McDonalds that is close-by.

I'm not sure if they are more excited to go to the playground or to visit me...but nonetheless...I sincerely hope they are right!

Also, today is my dad's birthday...Happy Birthday Dad! I know you really wanted your newest grandchild to be born on your birthday, and so far, it doesn't look like that's going to happen. We've got 13 hours until the date keep on hoping and praying for labor!

Doctor's appt is at 1:15...wouldn't it be great if labor began while I was right there? lol Wishful thinking, I know!

Update after Dr's appt:
Not much change...which is normal for me. When labor starts, it really starts and goes fast, so that's one thing to look forward to. They want to check the size of the baby, so if I make it to my appt on Monday, I get another ultrasound. I would rather meet my baby....but it gives me something to look ahead to.

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Thia said...

Come on Payson...we all want to meet you!