Friday, August 29, 2008

I guess I'm not a cool, young evangelical either....

I came upon this blog post the other day that had me nodding my head. Take a really puts into words the way I feel about the whole Obama craze....especially among the young evangelical audience.

Man, I wish I could be cool. I try hard. I've done all the "cool" and "hip" stuff, that you're "supposed" to do to be "in", like playing the slide-whistle, collecting stamp mint sets, going for the "slam" a lot during ping-pong -- all that stuff.

But I'm not cool. Like, ever.

Further evidence: As much as I want to be one of these hip evangelicals I keep reading about, I won't be voting for Barack Obama.

Believe me, I'd like to. A) He's a black guy -- did you know that?, and B) He's from Illinois, like I am, and C) I don't like anyone else running, and then there's D) If the evangelical culture tells me to zig, well, I'd rather zag, thanks.

I won't be zagging here. You see, Obama's arguments on abortion are patently illogical, anti-science, morally reprehensible, and there you have it.

The cool thing to do here is say, "Well, that's simplistic. There are so many other issues!" -- as though the acknowledgment of a hierarchy of issues is simplism.

He denies human rights to millions of vulnerable children -- wups, let's use the Latin for child here to maintain the veneer -- fetuses, and so I won't press the Obama button.

(Wish I were Warren: "Yes, we can know when life begins, Mr. Obama. That argument's ended quite awhile ago. And yes, even if you're still unsure -- Is that a human in the bushes, or an animal? I'll shoot first! -- we still might summon the will to protect those born alive. Too bad you didn't, and you remain one of the very, very few, even among pro-choicers, who won't.")

No offense, Obama-supporters. I know the compelling arguments (But...Iraq, But...Bush sucks, But...presidents don't really matter on this issue, But...Sojourners says what about global warming,'s just so complicated, etc.) and I might agree with you on many things. But this is a non-starter.

I lose cool points...again. I know, I know: Me and Pat Robertson, in lock-step, and so on, and it's time we matured past this issue, and so forth, and me and James Dobson, and religious right doesn't speak for eveyrone, and what about social justice and etc. I know. I hear you. Again. Loud and clear.

And you're right -- it's not the only issue, not even close.

It's just the most basic one.
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