Saturday, October 4, 2008

About the Desiring God Conference

It was great. So nice to relax and catch up with old friends!

Paysie did great on the plane! She ate and slept the whole time. She really is a great little baby hardly ever making a peep!

On Friday, we were able to go to Stillwater, MN where there is an old church that has been transformed into the largest theology bookstore in the United States. (I think that's right) It was a bit overwhelming, to say the least!

John had told me that Stillwater reminded him a lot of the small towns in Maine, and I felt the same way. The streets are lined with cute little stores and businesses that are one-of-a-kind...thriving on tourists. It's right on the water, and we had a lovely afternoon...eating outside, good food, good company, the news crews being present because the drawbridge was stuck, the incessant bell-ringing...did I mention the bell-ringing? It wasn't too bad unless you had trouble ignoring it!

Now, Paysie was awake for the better part of the day and decided that she would take cat naps instead of her usual 2-3 hour naps. We registered for the conference around 6ish, and she was awake. What I heard from Sinclair Ferguson was really good, but because I spent most of it walking around the back with a baby, I'm sure I missed a bunch!

All of her non-sleeping paid off, because that night, she slept almost 9 hours straight! If it weren't for a dirty diaper, I'm sure she would have slept longer!

Needless to say, Saturday was filled to the brim with information...Bob Kaulfin, Mark Driscoll, Dan Taylor and Paul Tripp. Wow. I was able to sit through most of it all too, because Paysie was sooo tuckered out, she slept the day away, eating inbetween naps.

The next morning, she slept through Piper's talk...though I'm sure she was receiving all that he was saying.

That afternoon, I walked around the city with my girl. And we finished off that Sunday with a trip to the Melting Pot. Yum! All I can say is that it's a good thing there isn't a Melting Pot in Johnson City!!

We headed over to the mall on Monday and got to the airport, ate, and reached our gate just in time for take off.

Such a relaxing trip...though it was a hectic schedule! I am looking forward to doing it again this week :)

We did really good not buying too many books. This is the first time that we didn't have to buy an extra suitcase. My books-to-read list is long enough as it is!

A highlight of the trip was meeting Noel Piper :)

and meeting up with Carolyn McCulley again. She was happy to meet Paysie and was signing her new book titled Radical Womanhood. I've already read it and HIGHLY recommend it to all the women I know!

Next year's conference is going to be great! It's on John Calvin...and I can't wait to hear who the speakers are going to be!!

If you've never gone to a DG conference...I urge you to start saving now to attend next year!

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Anonymous said...

What a blessing to meet Noel! And I'm looking forward to reading Radical Womanhood myself.