Friday, October 17, 2008

Paysie has now met AP

To stay in form with her brothers, Paysie went to her first Andrew Peterson concert. He is currently doing a cd release tour for his newest cd, Resurrection Letters! It is a great cd, and I recommend it to everyone.

It seems like each time we meet up, I have had a new child. That's just the way it goes, I guess!

The first concert I ever went to, I was newly pregnant with Gideon.

While I was pregnant with Haddon, we went to the Ryman for his Christmas show. BTW, if you've never seen his Christmas show, GO SEE IT! It is amazing! It is so not your ordinary Christmas music. I also saw him a couple months after that.

Then, we helped our church have him come for a concert, when Haddon was a baby. And later that year, had him come to our church for his Christmas tour.

Fast forward several months, I was pregnant and a couple months from my due date with Jamison, when we helped him come to town, yet again! And saw him again for his Christmas tour in Greenville, SC or NC...I can't remember...when Jamison was a week old!

And finally, Paysie met the great AP last night. It all comes around full circle. Though I can't say that, the next time I see him, that I'll have a new baby with me. I'm thinking probably not!

If you've read this far, good for you. If you were able to follow the above ramble...great, lol.

And CONGRATS to Ben Shive who just welcomed baby #4!!


the Underdog said...

I think that we have had a similar experience. New baby = AP concert. Alas, we are expecting #6any day now and AP will not be coming anywhere near Texas. Sigh.

Melanie said...

Where was the concert? I just looked up the Behold the Lamb tour...

Anyway, keep me posted on when you go to the concerts. I think Patrick would like to go to one sometime...

Shannon said...

The concert was just north of Knoxville and it was free :)

I would love to go to the Christmas concert again. I think the closest one is in Charlotte.