Saturday, October 4, 2008

A day at the apple festival

Today, I took Nolan, Gideon, Haddon and Paysie to a local festival. I left Jamison home with John because I knew he wouldn't enjoy being stuck in a stroller for a few hours. I knew he would get ornery, and he would start poking Paysie in the eyes in the side by side jogging stroller.

John stayed home to do some minor gardening (or so he thought). John's dad ripped out our bushes that were way too overgrown, and we are now replacing them with something a bit more tame and pretty. Who would have thought that cleaning out some old roots, leveling some dirt, and planting new bushes would turn into all day affair???

Anyway, back to the Apple Festival!

My boys did great, holding on, eating their kettle corn and whatever other treat they could get...while I pushed a sleeping Paysie in a tank of a stroller, through a street mobbed with so many people, that oftentimes we were at a stand still.

The kids didn't complain and were thrilled when I let them pick out one amusement to go on. They chose some sort of bounce house, of course!

We ate lunch at Sonic, and they were so excited. They've never eaten real food there before and kept thanking me over and over again for my great idea!

Here they are eating fudge filled mini-ice cream cones:

And what Paysie-girl looked like for the majority of the festival:

And sweet little Jamison has no idea what he missed!


Jamie Wilson said...

You should have called! We would have met you. We went down about 1:30 but were home most of the day. It was very crowded. I usually go Friday early - like 8 or 9 - to beat the crowd.

Shannon said...

We left at 1:30, lol.

I would have called, but we just got new phones, and I don't have your number in it. Maybe next time, though I hope your house is sold by then!

Nolan kept looking for Reagan!