Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A day of Dr's appts!

This morning at 9:45am, I brought my crew to the Dr's office. Since we just switched pediatricians, we doubled up appts and had Paysie's 2 month and Haddon's 3.5 year check-up!

Let's start with the girl...she is up to 12 pounds 13 ounces! That's almost 3 pounds heavier than Nolan was! In 7 weeks, she has gained more than 5 pounds! That puts her off the charts on weight! She measured almost 24 inches long :) and ended up with 3 shots :( She was a trooper and has been resting comfortably since!

Haddon is 40.5 pounds and almost 40 inches tall. The Dr then pulls out his laptop to show me that he measures toward the high end on the body mass index chart. He's always been more stocky than his's not something I'm going to worry about! He got his finger pricked to check his iron levels, and the kid didn't flinch, he was actually pretty amazed by the whole process.

Tomorrow, we go in for Nolan and Gideon's check-ups. I know Gideon will need his 5 year shots...that should be fun!

And on the way home, Nolan asked me what a true woman was. I told him it was a woman who loved Jesus and wanted to learn all she could about Him in the Bible. He then told me that he was a true man and loved true women!


Melanie said...

Who's your new Ped?

Shannon said...

We go to JC Peds...they are so much closer than having to drive out to Elizabethton! Our main Dr is Chris Ledes.

Mrs. Jo said...

Whoa! Justus is only a little under 11# and is 10 weeks!