Friday, October 17, 2008

Earth Fare 2008

My kids have a new favorite store. They really enjoyed Sam's Club for awhile...but the food samples seem to have dwindled down.

Today, we made our first trip to Earth Fare, that just opened up a couple of days ago. Gideon was in cheese heaven. Nolan was in steak heaven. Haddon was in peach pie heaven. Jamison wasn't picky about anything and gobbled everything down he could get his hands on.

My boys even ate smoked salmon and rainbow trout. Now, you know they would never eat that if I tried to serve it here at home!

The selection of organic food was great. I didn't get any, since right now, we have plenty of food and fruit at home. But in the future...I will be getting all my fruits and veggies's actually cheaper than at the regular grocery store :)

I did walk away with a couple giant pumpkins and 2 pots of purple mums for the front door. Nolan wants to chop the pumpkins open so we can make faces in them, but I think we'll wait!

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