Wednesday, October 15, 2008

True Woman Manifesto

Please read and join in by signing!

I regard the True Woman Manifesto as a faithful, clear, true, wise—indeed—magnificent document. What an amazing thing it would be if hundreds of thousands of women in America signed on with their heart to the True Woman Manifesto.

—Pastor John Piper

If you see biblical womanhood as a gift from God, and agree with the True Woman Manifesto, sign it by filling out the form below. We are believing God for 100,000 people like you to join this movement!

True Woman Manifesto

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Mrs. Jo said...

I had not heard of this conference until I read about it on your blog. Bummer! If I had known a long time ago I might have gone! I'm glad you blog about all the cool conferences you go to because I can live them through you and listen to all the sermons from your links. I loved Piper's message and have adopted the phrase "Wimpy women have wimpy theology" as my new e-mail phrase! I have been listening to lots of Driscoll lately too.

I hope someday we get to meet in this life at one of these conferences! Or maybe we'll find ourselves in your state someday.
If you guys ever want to take your kids to Yellowstone, we'll drive up there and meet you!