Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today is my birthday.

I have reached the point of no return.

I can no longer consider myself a 'twenty-something'.

Middle age is my new best friend.

Hello to the big 3-0.

I walked out of the shower this morning to find a gift certificate for a 60 minute massage, that had been pushed under the bedroom door! It's been far too long since I've had anything like that to schedule. I'm used to scheduling doctors and dentists appointments!

When we were getting ready to leave for church this morning, Gideon told me that I looked beautiful...and Haddon told me that I was a princess. You can't ask for much more than that from your children!

I find it hard to believe that I have reached my thirties. I don't quite know when that happened. I guess it snuck up on me while I have continually had baby after baby. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I thought I would have 5 children by the age of 30, I'd of thought you were crazy. Now, I couldn't imagine my life any other way!

Happy Birthday to me :)


Scrappy Mom said...

Happy, happy birthday Shannon!!! Welcome to your 30s; it's not really that bad. May God bless this upcoming year, as well as this decade. :-) Hugs!! Julia

Melanie said...

Welcome to the club, Shannon! I hope you had a smashing day! And Payson's gift is WONDERFUL! Congrats to you both!

Anna said...

It's really not that bad. Look at it this way...God has brought you to this point in Him, think about how exciting it will be as you age & He brings you to an even deeper understanding of Him.

Mrs. Jo said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm soooo jealous that your baby is already sleeping through the night!

I'll join you in the thirties in a few years!

angela said...

Happy Birthday, Shannon!!

Thia said...

Sorry I missed your birthday! That massage sounds delightful.