Saturday, September 8, 2007

Baby Training, Days 3 and 4

He looks content, no?

He didn't struggle nearly as long as he has the previous days. I can even feel his body get ready to lift his head and arch his back, and then he stops, knowing that he needs to keep his head down and relax.

It is a slow process, and I make sure that at least once a day, he lays on me, head down...and most times, falls asleep.

Even this morning, it took him a few minutes to break his will...but he settled in and is happy to be safe in mommy's arms. I feel that this training is good for mommy too. It allows me to stop and practice my patience and just love my baby. It so easy with four little ones to just go go go, all day long.

For now, I am stopping and taking the time to enjoy.

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