Thursday, September 13, 2007

A few thoughts on truly knowing God

1. the field of study and analysis that treats of God and of God's
attributes and relations to the universe; study of divine things or religious
truth; divinity.

1. teaching or instruction

Why are people afraid of doctrine and theology? I have had family members tell me that they have no interest in doctrine and theology. They have all they need when they know that they believe that Christ died for their sins and that He loves them. What more could there possibly be?

I understand that when you hear the words 'doctrine' and 'theology', you can easily be scared away. They can sound foreboding to a Christian. Instead, a Christian should be constantly striving for a deeper knowledge and relationship with God.

Last night, in our weekly book study at church, it was said that by saying you have no interest in doctrine or theology, you are in fact marrying someone, only to turn around to look at them and say, I don't have any interest in learning any more about you. The fact that we are married is enough. How would you react if your spouse said that to you on your honeymoon?

Why is so easy to say to God, I don't need to know more about you. We take the time to learn so many worldly things, yet, when it comes to God, it is so easy to shrug Him off and say, I don't need to know more. I know the basics and that is good enough for me. We completely disregard the amazing guide He gave us, when He gave us His word.

When God takes hold of your heart, change will take place. When a visitor enters your house, things change. Our pastor used the analogy of a visit from his Mother-in-law. When she visits, things change. Imagine that visitor being Christ, with the exception that He isn't just visiting! He is moving in! Do you really expect your life not to change?

Our prayer should be that we gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of our Creator! Don't be afraid of the change that will take place. Rejoice that the process of sanctification is bringing you closer to the one that has taken hold of you and will not let go!

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