Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The newest in golf technology...there is hope for you yet!

The Golf Ball Launcher!

Is that a man shooting birds, nope it’s a bloke with a
decidedly dodgy mullet playing golf with the golf ball launcher.

Designed for people that have mobility issues or who are just crap
at golf is the golf ball launcher is capable of firing balls from 25 yards to
over 300 . Instead of having to whack the ball with a club you simply pump up
your launcher, load, take aim and fire. I’d expect you’d get some very funny
looks at the 19th hole, well that is until you point it at them.

It’s a bit of a concept gadget at the moment (phew), further info
over at Invention Showcase.

Isn't that kinda like cheating?

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John said...

Still wouldn't fix my slice!