Monday, September 3, 2007

A trip to the Brookfield Zoo

We had a great time. Each trip has it's moments that make it that much more how we booked a room that we thought was a two room suite, when it was really one huge room. (Unless you have more than 2-3 kids, you know what I'm talking about when I say that bedtimes aren't too smooth when you are all sharing a room.) Or how when you want to go to the Chicago make sure that you get a hotel near the actual zoo. Chicago traffic is a nightmare.
The kids loved going to zoo. I dressed the kids in matching shirts and shorts to make them easy to see in a crowd. I recommend orange shirts to anyone with small kids going anywhere crowded! We spent the entire day there....we were sooo worn out! I can still hear Gideon's squeal as the sea lion swam by him over and over and over again!
I love that we were given the opportunity to make these sort of memories with our boys. They are still talking about the things they saw...though Nolan was disappointed there were no dinosaurs, lol.
Here are some pictures of our day :)

I think this is the only picture of all six of us!

Jamison was happy as long as he had a never ending supply of Cheerios!

In the kangaroo pouch...

See the camels!

Gideon loved the Giraffes!

PSA....Earth day is everyday!

Gideon was getting quite squished by his brothers

It's been a long day...time for sno-cones!

Petting the goats!


Melanie said...

Great pics!!! I love the spiderman hats :-)

Shannon said...

Nolan has a batman hat...but once his head started getting sweaty under the hat, he just had to take it off, lol.

angela said...

Looks like a blast!!!