Monday, September 24, 2007

Random posting

*I am blogging while traveling. I am cool again.

*I went to KFC a month ago and was disappointed that the honey mustard sauce changed. Is this a permanent thing? I doubt I will ever eat there again if it is, which is probably a good thing.

*I will be in Maine for the next few weeks. This means that by the time I get back to northeast Tennessee, Sonic's peach smoothies will be a thing of the past :(

*Today is Monday and that means that in just 3 days I will be in Minnesota celebrating John's grandfather's 90th birthday with him.

*It was silly of me to go to bed around 11pm last night. Jamison woke up at midnight screaming (not sure why) and he was up until 2:15am. This never happens! It make my 4:30am wake up time come that much quicker.

*I have a plan to catch our mouse that is planning on taking over my house again while we are gone. I don't know what is worse....the thought of entering a house that smells like decomposing mouse or a house that has mouse droppings in every corner of every room.

How's that for random?

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