Sunday, September 30, 2007


It's late Saturday night...the conference is almost over, which is sad...but we get to see Piper preach in the morning!

I've got pictures with Piper, Justin Taylor, and Helen Rosevere. I stood right next to Noel Piper, but didn't know what to say to her. Am I supposed to say: "Hey, my kids really like the Advent calendar you designed" lol.

I met Purgatorio...who doesn't blog much anymore, yet I still check back to see if he has.

I met Phil Johnson from the Pyromaniac blog.

We've gotten lots of books. We've gone to the Mall of America. We got lost in the Minneapolis skyway. Jamison is doing well.....though tired since his sleep schedule is kinda messed up.

I think we are all planning on going to the Melting Pot tomorrow night. YUM!

I'll be sure to share my pictures once we are back in Maine. It has been such a great trip!

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Melanie said...

I'm glad to hear you guys are enjoying your trip and the conference. I hope that your flight back is safe and that Jamison will continue to cooporate! It sounds like he's doing great. We miss you guys and look forward to when you come like 3 months, right???