Thursday, September 27, 2007

I've been negligent

Not really my fault, but I know I haven't blogged since Tuesday :)

Let's see...what has happened since then, you might ask? On Monday and Tuesday, I was in a van driving up to Maine. On Wednesday, I went grocery shopping and got the kids ready to stay with my sister for 5 days, while John, Jamison, and I go to Minneapolis. This morning, our flight left at 8:10, and we arrived in MN. We then drove to Rochester to have dinner with John's grandfather who is 90 today. And now, I sit here able to say something.

But find that I have nothing to say.

Jamison did great on the plane. He just laid there on my chest and made not a sound....for the exception of when he bumped his head, at that point, there were two whines. I can handle two whines on a 3-1/2 hour plane ride!

He is running a slight fever and slept a lot today. He is in good spirits, but is just fighting something off. Please keep him in your prayers. Although him not feeling really well gives me a time to love the cuddling...

I miss my boys back in Maine...but I know they are having fun with my sister :)

Tomorrow the conference I can't make any promises when I'll be back...but I'll be taking lots of pictures!

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