Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I would have to say that this is my list of brand name must-haves....
1. Arby's has the best Mountain Dew. It must be the way they mix it.....cause it is sooo good. Granted, I don't go there very much, but it brings a smile to my face when I think about it, lol.
2. Sonic slushes....nothing quite like them.
3. Aristocrat coffee syrup....other brands can be okay, but nothing like the real thing!
(is it just me or is everything I like consumable?)
4. Foreign cars....Honda, Toyota, Nissan....We've never had a problem with any of these manufacturers.
5. Colgate toothpaste. My dad will use nothing but, so there is always this stigma that if I use anything but Colgate, then he will know.
6. Huggies diapers....everything else leaks badly. It might be my kids, but I like to think it is the diapers.
7. Lasinoh nursing other is equal.
8. And check out my freebies...I love getting to try out new brand name items...what better way than when they are free!
(edited to add)
9. Marshmallow Fluff! No other marshmallow cream will boys love this and wouldn't want me to forget it!
And feel free to add your own!


Zen Master said...

I love Sonic slushes. My hubby actually figured out how to make a very close version of the Lime one with RealLime juice.

Shannon said...

Yum....I love their peach slushes. They did it about 4 years ago for one month. They have since come out with the peach smoothies (at least for the month of September) but they are expensive and wish it was a Route 44, lol.

Soccerdvm said...

I love Aristocrat Coffee Syrup. I have not been able to find it in the midwest... any body know where to find it on-line??