Monday, February 4, 2008

Here's the proof...we saw Mike and Chuck!

This morning started out like any other day. It all changed when the kids put on their 'I like Mike' shirts. There was a certain energy in the air.

We left at 10:15am.

I had told them that Mike Huckabee is from Arkansas, so Nolan searched for a car from Arkansas, lol. I had to tell him that Mike was flying in on an airplane.

My boys and I arrived at the airport around 10:30. It was starting to fill up. I took off the kid's jackets, and they proudly displayed their shirts! They got a lot of attention and comments on them.

We waited and waited and waited. They kept asking me when Mike was going to get there. (Obviously my boys are on a first name basis with him, lol)

At this point, the aviation hangar was FULL!!

Right around 11:30, Congressman David Davis began to talk, he spoke about family values and the direction our country needed to go.

Then he introduced Governor Mike Huckabee! Everyone was cheering and holding up their signs. Nolan was my official sign waver. Every time there was clapping and cheering, he held up the sign as high as possible, because he wanted "Mike to be able to see it."

Huckabee then started speaking of his future Secretary of Defense and who the Director of Homeland Security would guessed it! Chuck Norris!!

We had a great time. The kids really enjoyed it. I held them up one at a time so they could see Mike and were very excited, pointing at him :) I love that I was able to include them in a part of the election. They may not understand exactly what is going on, but it is something that they will remember.

I was so proud of them! I got several compliments on their behavior...we've started enforcing a new little piece of discipline that seems to be working with them. But I'll save that for another post.

It was raining cats and dogs when we left. Raining on all the Ron Paul supporters who were picketing outside. Ugh. Give it up, will ya?

Here's a pic of my boys (Jamison has one too...but he's asleep). Nolan really likes his shirt and wanted a bumper sticker on it too.

It was a fun morning! One thing is for certain...if you LIKE MIKE...Be sure to vote tomorrow!!! If you don't LIKE MIKE....stay at home, okay?

When we arrived home, Nolan started talking about Mike. He asked me if I thought it would be cool if Mike came over to the house for dinner.

Yes Nolan, that would be very cool.

So Mike...if you ever read the blogs on your blogroll at your website...and come across mine, since it's near the top of the are invited over for dinner, the next time you are in the area, lol.

To see the live news coverage, click here!


jennifer said...

Awesome!! My husband has a little store on Cafe Press, and guess what? So far, the only products he has designed are for....Mike Huckabee. Go see here:

I love the Huckabee Girl one! I need to get a button on my site for this.

Anyway, email me w/ address for your Patriots stuff. I'm at: blessedinthewest at yahoo dot com.


angela said...

They are so cute!! I'm glad you guys got to go. Way to get them involved in politics early. =)