Monday, February 18, 2008

Nolan receives a package!

Nolan turned 6 years old a couple of weeks ago. He has been waiting patiently for his birthday package from Gramma and Grampa in Maine. I'm surprised they were able to shovel themselves out long enough to get to the post office, lol.

Each day...Nolan waited and watched. He would get excited each time he saw the mail truck...and each day: no package.

The day that he wasn't watching was the day it came. I saw the box leaning against our front door and knew that my Nolan would be soooo excited!

I brought the priority box into the living room and put it on the couch. Then I called Nolan to come quickly. This is the result of that package!

He wanted to get in that box so badly!

Why is it so hard to pull this tab?? I found my present!
Blendy Pens....just what I've always wanted! I've seen these on tv!
And a dot to dot book?!? I love dot to dots!!

He loves his new Blendy Pens and has had a great time coloring with them! He has been great sharing them with his brothers too.

Thanks Gramma and Grampa!!!


Twisted Cinderella said...

How sweet! I am glad he was so excited about his presents!

Melanie said...

Lemme guess, was he a tad loud as he opened his gift? I'm sure his grandparents heard his thanks all the way up in Maine!!! He looks VERY thankful for his gift. :-)