Sunday, February 24, 2008

It was a great visit, but much too quick!

On Friday night, my sister and her family arrived! Erin, Josh, my niece Cosette, and my nephew Mark decided to take a detour to Tennessee on their way to Maine from Florida. We were all very excited to see them, even if they couldn't stay very long.

The kids were counting the days to their arrival and stood at the front window, when we knew they were almost here. When their car pulled into the driveway, they ran to the door to greet everyone!

My boys were talking nonstop, chattering away every detail of their lives to their cousins, and their cousins were happy to not be in a car anymore. Cosette and Mark showed them what they got at Sea World and told them about their travels.

After my boys went to bed, we ordered pizza from which everyone decided it was some of the best pizza they had ever had. It's hard to complain about food when you feel completely famished!

The men ended up downstairs and us women talked upstairs. When I got my sister alone, I invited her to the True Woman Conference and was very thrilled when she said she would love to go! I can't wait for it!

On Saturday, Erin and I took a much anticipated trip to the Decorator's Warehouse. Our cart was soon filled...and then soon emptied until we were left with the few things that we really wanted.

The men took all the kids to Burger King to eat lunch and play at the playground.

We spent a lazy afternoon with the kids. They had rest time, played games, and visited with Barbie on the computer.

John and Josh went on a short hike through the mountainous ice and snow.

There was dinner:



And snuggling:

Auntie Erin tried to get her fill of Jamison:

And he was happy enough to oblige!

Our night ended with homestyle cookin' from Cracker Barrel and a few episodes of The Office.

It was sad to see them go. We wish they could have stayed longer! Gideon woke up all excited to wake up his cousins...forgetting that they had left early that morning. Through his sobs, you could hear him tell me that he misses them. It about had me in tears too.

The verdict is in. We have decided that there must be another visit and it must be much longer than a day. That's all there is too it!

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Twisted Cinderella said...

I LOVE the little growling pic and what a wonderfully cute smile on Jamison! Sounds like a wonderful visit even if it was too short.