Monday, February 4, 2008

Okay, I know Bill Belichick isn't the friendliest of coaches....

I ran across this blog entry from CJ Mahaney today. It's his relections on the Superbowl last night. Here is a quote:

I stayed up after the game for one reason. I knew they would interview Belichick, and I wanted to hear what he would say. I hoped he would at least congratulate the Giants on their victory. He did not. He missed yet another opportunity to provide a compelling and humble example of how to conduct oneself when one has lost the game.

When I was reading an article from ESPN, I read this quote:
In his opening statement, he said: "Congratulations to the Giants. They made some plays there at the end and we didn't. It's disappointing."

Now, I know that Belichick could take a class in how to handle oneself with opposing teams as well as the media. I am not in any way vouching for the way that he presents himself.

All I ask is that he not be misrepresented.

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Scrappy Mom said...

I saw Eli Manning on David Letterman the night before last and Letterman brought up the very same topic: how Belichick could have taken the opportunity to be a stand-up guy and congratulation the Giants, but chose not to. When he asked Eli Manning about it, Manning replied, "Maybe he was trying to beat traffic." :-)