Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Night in the Emergency Room

I blogged yesterday about my little boys and their feverish little bodies. Little did I know what the rest of the day would bring!

Around 4:30pm, Gideon's fever was at 105 in one ear and 102.7 in the other ear. I called up his pediatrician and was told to give him Tylenol, and if it didn't go down, bring him in to the ER. I gave him a bath, which along with the Tylenol, lowered his temp to 101...but once he was out of the tub and dressed, it quickly sped its way back up to 103. He was also squinting right eye and was heavily favoring the right side. In the tub, he had actually bumped his head because he couldn't hold his head up.

I called John and told him that I was going to bring him in.

I headed over to First Assist/Urgent Care. We had been in the waiting room for 30 minutes or so, when Gideon decided he didn't want to wait any longer to be seen. He then proceeded to vomit all over himself, me and the floor. This worked really well, and we were immediately ushered into a room.

He laid there, eyes closed, listless on the hospital bed. He couldn't even stand up.

The Dr walked in and immediately said that he was worried that he is favoring his right side because that is a sign of meningitus. Um, rule #1, don't say that first thing, when you walk into a room, k?

He took his vitals, checked his throat and gave me his advice.

I was told he had strep (wrong!), was dehydrated (wrong!), and that his lungs were clear (wrong!). Since they couldn't test for dehydration, they sent me to the ER.

By this time it was 7pm. I ran home quick to change my clothes and get new pj's for Gideon.

I arrive at the Emergency Room, only to wait 3 hours before seeing a triage nurse who took his temp (103.4), weighed him(34 pounds) , and gave him a strep test (which came up negative).

Then I proceeded to wait another hour before getting a real room. I felt that we had finally graduated.

I placed my little man on the big ole gurney. He looked so small and so sick. When the Dr came in and tried to talk to him and ask him how he was feeling...a comedy sketch that Brian Regan does came into my mind. "How do you think I'm feeling? I'm on a gurney!"

They checked his ears...clear. They checked his throat...not so clear. Big, giant tonsils dripping with puss is what was seen. Orders for Motrin were given since he was as hot as a firecracker!

At about this time, what I will refer to from now on as the 'Phantom Moaner" entered my shared room. Only a curtain separated us. Again, I heard the sketch from Brian Regan about the moans that can be heard in the ER. I had to remind myself...this was not the time to think of jokes! My son is on a gurney!

The Dr sent the nurse in to swab his nose for RSV and the FLU! He did not like that one bit. After she left, he told me that he never wants those sticks stuck up his nose again!

(and the Phantom Moaner continues to moan)

By now, he had a Johnson City Medical Center teddy bear that he named 'Kind Bear'. It was a great comfort to him.

They wheeled us out for chest/lung x-rays. Since I'm pg, I couldn't stand next to him, but he was such a big brave boy!

(and the Phantom Moaner continues to moan)

We arrived back in our room to be told that he has the FLU and pneumonia in his right lung. No wonder he was so sick :( They said that he was to be admitted and get an iv drip of fluids, get blood drawn, and get some antibiotics.

I was so proud of Gideon. The nurse came in with reinforcements to hold down his arm. My Giddy didn't even make a peep when she put that I.V. in. He flinched, but took it like a man. I don't think daddy would have taken it that well!!

(and the Phantom Moaner continues to moan)

Once that I.V. started dripping, he perked up. He started coloring and drinking some juice.

We had two other Dr's come in and check the SAME vitals over and over again, one after the other. It really doesn't work well when you do that to a child that has never been sick. The boy hates Dr's now because they wouldn't leave him alone!

We were waiting to be admitted, but because Gideon was in such better spirits and was no longer lathargic, they told us that if he could eat something and keep it down, then we could go home!

The time was 4am when we arrived home.

(I bet the Phantom Moaner was still moaning!)

Gideon fell right asleep after telling daddy about how brave he was! Mommy went to be at 4:30 after eating a little something.

The alarm went off at 6:30. Haddon had a Dr's appt at 8:15, and the ER recommended ALL the kids be seen and tested for flu.

It turns out that Jamison has an ear infection and is on antibiotics as well as preventative FLU meds. Haddon has an ear infection, but because he had flu-like symptoms last week, he wouldn't need the FLU meds. Gideon got FLU meds and an antibiotic for the pneumonia. Nolan was fine, but is also on preventative FLU meds.

Long story short, the kids have meds flowing happily through their little veins, they are resting on the couch, eating popsicle upon popsicle, watching movies that I rented at Food City for them.

Oh yeah...and mommy is very tired and about to take a much deserved nap.


angela said...

Bless his little heart!! Those pics you sent me were so sad. I feel sad for him & you having to stay up so late. Hope you got your needed rest.

Cheryl said...

It just about broke Grammy's heart today to see her little Giddy so sick. I have never seen him & Haddon so quiet as they were today. I am so glad I was able to be around them to give them lots of hugs and kisses and that Mommy entrusted me to watch over them while she went and got their medicine. What precious little jewels they are. I love each one of these little guys so much and pray they will feel alot better tomorrow.

Twisted Cinderella said...

He looks soo sweet and pitiful on the gurney. Poor little man. I am glad he was so brave. I hope that he and all your little men are feeling better soon.