Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Works for me Wednesday....CVS Extra Care Rewards

Ok, I'm new at this, but stay with me. It has come to my attention that CVS has incredible deals and all we have to do is take advantage of them!

This is how I understand it:

Right now, they will give you $15 back on a $30 purchase...when you purchase specific things.

Here is the weekly sales ad. Pay close attention to the products you can purchase to add up to $30 to get your $15 back.

You can print out coupons for Huggies diapers here.

You can print out coupons for Colgate toothpaste here. Be sure to click back once the coupons have started printing, and they will let you print them out one more time.

You can print out this coupon for $4 off a CVS purchase of $20 or more here. There are 3 coupons, one is expired, but there are a couple more good for awhile.

To try to get an idea of how this works, visit Thrify Florida Mama. She gives a few examples of how this can really work for you.

Here is what I propose to do:

3 packs of price $8.99= $26.97
2 boxes of Kleenex price 2 for $5= $5

Total before coupons= $31.97

I've got 2 Huggies coupons totaling $3.00 off
I've got $4 off a $20 purchase

$31.97-$7= $24.97

Now remember, because I purchased my $30, I get $15 worth of Extra Care Rewards to go towards my next transaction.

Let's say for my next transaction, I purchase:

5 Colgate Toothpaste...$2.99= $14.95
3 Children's chewable Aspirin...$1.79 x 3= $5.37

Total= $20.32 plus tax

I've got 2 Colgate coupons totaling $2.00 off.
I've got another $4 off a $20 purchase.

Totaling $6.00 in coupons...and I've got my $15 in extra care rewards...Which puts me at $21 off my purchase!

After this purchase, I get $2 worth of rewards for each tube of toothpaste, equaling $10. And I get the purchase price of the chewable Aspirin back...of $5.37. I get $15.37 back onto my card.

This can go on and on and on! Every month or so, I believe they have one week where you earn $15 back on $30 worth of participating products. You can find their circular online...Happy Shopping!!

If you have done this yourself and want to share....please do! I would love to hear about your great deals!


erica said...

"After this purchase, I get $2 worth of rewards for each tube of toothpaste, equaling $10. And I get the purchase price of the chewable Aspirin back...of $5.37. I get $15.37 back onto my card."

just wanted to clarify, the extra bucks you get back are in the form of a coupon at the end of your receipt. don't lose this! it will expire one month from the day it prints. they are linked to your cvs card and can only be used with the same card - but the money is not on the card, you need your printed coupon.

thanks for linking my site!
i ♥ cvs

Mom2fur said...

I love doing the ECB thing at CVS! I have been told by two different cashiers that you can use the coupons after they expire. One told me they'll take them up to a week later. It's worth a try asking if you find one you forgot about.
My trick is to look at the receipt as soon as I get in the car. I will tear off any ECBs I want to keep and put them right in my wallet. I'm in the habit of always checking my wallet when I return to CVS, or when I'm home making up my shopping list.

NeedANap2 said...

Please be leary of coupons you didn't receive. When you sign-up your card (to receive e-mails) you'll get a $4 on $20 coupon - it's a "welcome" thing. This does kind of depend on your coupon ethics though!! Sometimes you won't find out until later that a coupon is fraudulent. I did sign my husband and myself up for cards (& 2 e-mails, so we got 2 welcome coupons), so we can take advantage of more deals but I try not to abuse it and it does get confusing sometimes.

See Money Saving Mom CVS 101

Yes, rolling ECBs is quite fun (& amazing) but sometimes the stock at CVS is lacking or you forgot something and it can be frustrating too! :)