Friday, February 29, 2008

"They've gone dark, I repeat, they've gone dark!"

(saying that makes me feel kindred with Jack Bauer)

I spoke to John last night around 6pm. They were almost at the US/Mexico border. He won't have phone access or internet access until they are back over the border. This won't happen until Sunday or Monday? I can't remember. (explanation: I'm pregnant and my mind is gone)

John did tell me that if I had an ABSOLUTE emergency, I could call a certain phone number and they would send someone in to get them...I really can't imagine that happening though.

Does it count if I just want to hear the sound of his voice?

I doubt it.

Prayers would be appreciated. They met up with some fellow missionaries Wednesday night who told them stories of Americans getting kidnapped. I would hate to have to implement the plan that John and Charlie spoke about. Something about splitting John's life insurance policy with Charlie's wife and us starting a commune of sorts?


Stephanie said...

so what are they....erm...DOING there??
I think I missed a post.

Shannon said...


Is that vague enough?

Not sure exactly what their itinerary is other than sleeping in tents in a parking lot or something of that nature.

They met up with a mission team from St Louis that has been doing these trips a few times a year for the past few years. I know they picked up some coloring books and crayons for the kids and Piper books for the adults...(I think)

I'll know more when the get back.