Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We've been hit by the plague

Okay, not really the plague but some sort of illness. Last week, Haddon ran a fever for about a day or so. It went up to almost 104, went down with Tylenol and then he was fine. Although, he never did get his appetite back. (Which is very abnormal...cause if anyone knows Haddon, they know he LOVES his food!)

Fast forward to this morning. I woke up the wailing of my Gideon. He was crying because his throat hurt, and he said he needed hot chocolate. I carried him to the couch. He was running a fever.

I went in to get Haddon and Jamison up, and Haddon was puny too. I took his temperature...running a fever again!

Thankfully, Nolan and Jamison are fine. Another huge blessing is there is no puking. I can totally deal with my kids taking it easy on the couch. If they were taking turns vomitting into buckets, I would seriously need help, since I would also be taking turns puking. You see, the smell automatically makes me hurl. Thanks to this pregnancy!

Nolan and I had a good afternoon. We went to a Valentine's Day party at the local rec center, for our homeschooling organization. He had a good time and loved playing outside at the playground. I only wish Gideon and Haddon had been able to join us.

I hate it when my boys are sick. But it gives this mommy a chance to cuddle a little bit more and love on them. It's nice to slow down, get out of my routine and care for my sick little boys.

I thank God every day that I have the opportunity to minister to my children on a fulltime basis at home. I couldn't imagine my life any other way.

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Cheryl said...

Grammy is feeling so sad tonight about our little Gideon being so sick. I have been praying for him all evening & for Mommy & Daddy too. I love you sweet little boy!