Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2007 Toy Review: part 1

I figure, what better way to review toys than to tell you what toys survived the year with my boys. Friends can tell you, they know how to play with toys!

Firstly, the following toys are recommended NOT to be purchased. Unless your child is calm and doesn't want to run up and down the halls with their cars (mine do), this might last more than 6 months. Each of these have been purchased for the kids at birthdays, and 6 months or less, one the wheels have broken off, and there is no way to fix it. They still play with two of them, but get very frustrated with the wheels always falling off.

Now, something I do recommend, is the miniature diecast cars. The kids have a bunch of these, and aside from a little chipping of the paint, they are very durable!

This Mack has also stood the test of time! Highly recommended!

This is the alphabet classroom made by Vtech. Nolan received this 3 years ago and it is still in really great shape! It's fun and educational and is still a big hit!

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