Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yesterday was a productive day

I made those 2 mini-purses that I posted and last night, I made this bag. I should stuff it with something so you can see it without it folding in.

I love the material and the way it came out. My mom always says that it's always a good thing when you want to keep the products you make.

Well, I would love to keep this bag, but it will be put into the lot of gifts to be given away this Christmas.

It is approx 8x10x2 with a strap close to 40". It is lined and has a magnetic clasp.

I had planned on choosing a bunch of different fabric combinations and getting everything precut, but once I started cutting this fabric, I wanted to see what it looked like! I'm not sure who is going to get this bag...but I have an idea :)
(and considering I got both of these fabrics for $1 and $2 a yard...and used maybe 1/3 of a yard of each....the cost of this gift is not high! Of course, you start adding in my labor and it goes WAY up, lol)

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