Friday, November 16, 2007

Move over Chris Tomlin...enter Daddy

On our way to the post office this morning, the kids started asking me if I could put Amazing Grace into the cd player. You see, every night daddy goes in and reads them a Bible story and then sings them a hymn. Their favorite is Amazing Grace.

Now, I have the newest (not sure if you can really call it new) and it has his version of the song.

I put it in the cd player thinking....'wow, they are going to be so excited that I have this song for them to listen to.'

Um, no.

Nolan immediately asked me to turn it off because it wasn't the right song. I turned the volume down and started singing it to them, and his response was "Now THAT'S the right song, Mommy!"

I guess Nolan prefers his daddy's version of the song better than Chris Tomlin's!

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