Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And the lunch of choice is....Popeye Spinach?

Yes, you heard right! I went grocery shopping with my boys and in the vegetable aisle, they saw this:

As they fought in the store over who got to hold the can...we finally arrived home. When I asked them what they wanted for lunch, the answer was a loud "POPEYE SPINACH!" Okay, I can deal with that. Are these really my children...asking to eat spinach for lunch???

I split the can into three bowls.

And then gave it to them...and they ate!

And the something miraculous took place! Their muscles grew, and they each became a powerhouse of pure muscle!!!

Now...when surveyed and asked if they liked the taste...we had mixed reviews...


angela said...

that's so great that they ate that!! i can tell a difference in their muscles.

Qtpies7 said...

LOL That is so funny! Not much would get most of my kids to willingly eat spinach. I have to sneak it into meatloaf and pizza sauce. I have one who likes it, though.