Friday, November 9, 2007

Have you ever eaten something soooo good, you just had to share?

This morning, one of the first things I did was get my crock pot filled with the makings for tonight's dinner: Potato Soup.

I baked the bacon in the oven.

(For those of you who have never baked bacon in the oven, do it! I bake them on the large Pampered Chef stoneware bar pan. If you use a regular cookie sheet, it will spit and splatter. With the stoneware, it doesn't! It definitely takes the fuss out of preparing bacon!)

I peeled and cut up the potatoes.

I chopped up the onion.

Added the rest of the ingredients from the recipe, plus some additives of my own. (I can never seem to just leave a recipe alone when I make it....gotta make it your own, right?)

I just sampled it.!

I am controlling the urge to go get some more....maybe I need to check it one more time just to make sure it is edible....


megan said...

um. hello. slippers?? gourmet cooking?? mother of a zillion??

girl, you need to stop. you're making the rest of us look bad. kyle is not allowed to visit your site. :)

angela said...

sounds good. I will have to try it.