Friday, November 16, 2007

The mouse is dead

Finally, after 4 months of living the good life, Jerry is dead. (that's what we named him)

He was a cunning mouse, always full of surprises. He died in the garage...probably trying to escape. He was laying right near the garage door.

As I walked around to the back of the van, I stepped on something that didn't feel like leaves. It was Jerry. I'm just glad that I had shoes on....cause I went down there last night and this morning, that very get a few hidden gifts left in the back of the van.

I could have felt that warm, hairy body squish between my toes. By the grace of God...I had shoes on.

Edited to add: This was NOT a pet mouse...this was a pesky rodent that was eating the flour in my pantry closet. Don't feel bad for Jerry...he got what he deserved. You know how he died? He ate the POISON that we put out for him...hahaha!


megan said...

that's so freakin gross but hilarious.

awwww, poor jerry. I wonder if he's hangin with Jack, our frog who also recently bit the dust.

We have a home. :) you guys are the most precious people in the world to offer us your house when you already have a housefull but thankfully, we think we have a home. I'll post some photos soon.
love you

angela said...

Oh, Shannon. That's disgusting. I'm really glad you were wearing shoes.