Monday, November 5, 2007

I won! I won!

On Friday, I was notified that I won some handmade cards seen here.

I was thrilled since I never seem to win much of anything.

On Saturday morning, I received an email that I had won a DVD to teach sign language to young children...seen here.

I thought 'WOW'...I've won two great is this?!?

A couple of hours later, I got an email from a blogger in northern Ireland saying that I won a cookbook, seen here.

I was so excited....could it get any better???

Then I won a knitted scarf, seen here.

Four giveaways....won by me?

Then I won a t-shirt, seen here.

Then a book and a $25 gift certificate to Kangaroodle, seen here.

As soon as I sent my info to that email, I had won another giveaway for a game that I am looking forward to playing soooooo much!

Ever played Quelf?

It was starting to get kinda weird...and then I won something else! A book....seen here.

I know that I had signed up for hundreds of giveaways, but most of these are random drawings, so I was only hoping to win one!

I woke up this morning, happy that I had won 8 giveaways. I checked my email, and I won something else! A book!

I am kind of shocked that I won 9 giveaways! (John was pretty surprised too!)

So check out the links and you might find a new favorite blog!


Scrappy Mom said...

Ooh, you very blessed gal! So glad you won my drawing; they went in the mail yesterday and should arrive in your hot little hands by the end of the week. Have fun with your new goodies!!


angela said...

Sheer craziness, I tell you, craziness!!!